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Company Profile

Mirrack (Guangdong) Micro Metal Magnet Tech. Co., Ltd., an innovative entrepreneurial company, specialize in hi-tech materials for magnetoelectric conversion applications, and serve as a high quality alloy powder core manufacturer and a solution provider. Covered a field area of 66,000 m2 , it is with a total projected investment of 280 million RMB.

Mirrack's products are widely involved in those applications like PV inverters, electronics, household appliances, and electric equipments, to list a few.  As key components of magnetoelectric conversion units, Mirrack's products play the important role of magnet-electric conversion in the whole power conversion processes.

Company Strength

Ever since its inception, in the great endeavors of helping make power conversion more energy-conservative and economic, the company has been maintaining the combination practice of independent R&D by its own and R&D through the synergies with Zhongshan University and a national steel research institute. In the current context of a booming development of the alloy powder core industry, the company always forges ahead to make magnetoelectric conversion units toward the trend of high efficiencies, high powers, miniaturization, energy-conservation & economy, and consequently, which helps end customers for their product promotion. And it's in line with the global advocation of low carbon, energy conservation & environment protection as well as the pressing needs for new energies.

Company Philosophy

Bearing deeply in mind the company goals of harmony, aggressiveness, accountability & accomplishment, the Mirrack team members make unremitting endeavors to forge ahead with no destination toward its creed of making Mirrack a sustainable company with great social responsibilities.